The Famagusta Cat Care Project (FCCP) is a project run solely by volunteers in Cyprus. Our aim is to responsibly care for and reduce the number of strays in the Famagusta area through the implementation of a regular neutering program.

Working together with the expertise of local vets and the support of local businesses, hotels and individuals we will monitor the health of stray cats and where possible find suitable homes. Statistics throughout the world prove that a neutering program is by far the most successful way of reducing areas over populated by feral cats.

How you can help:

The Cats Available for Adoption page has photographs with stories of the ones I would like to re home – outside of Cyprus. Each one has a tale to tell as all of them are rescued.

The Donation page has the details of how you can make a donation and help us with the outstanding vet bills.

Please watch this video which will tell you a bit about our project: