Important Announcement from Famagusta Cat Care Project

Due to some misunderstandings Famagusta Cat Care Project feels it needs to clarify exactly what the project will and will not do:

FCCP is solely a neutering project and will help and advise on neutering and adoption only. We rely totally on donations to achieve this (we give our time for free).

We are not an “animal ambulance” or rescue centre. We cannot take cats in (sick or healthy), we have nowhere to take them to. Nor can we be responsible for payment of vet bills for sick cats taken to our vet. This has to borne by the person/s taking the cat to the vet. We still have some vet bills to pay for which go back to last year due to lack of donations. Until these are paid off and unless monies come in for specific cats to be neutered then the project has to be put on hold for now.

Up until recently we had helped sick cats wherever possible but the situation got out of control and took us away from our initial aim of getting the stray numbers down by neutering. This caused a great deal more stress than we were already under resulting in us losing volunteers. I am currently running the project single handedly.

We are asking people to take more responsibility if they find an injured or sick cat/kitten and to try to deal with it themselves instead of passing the problem onto an already over stretched and overwhelmed organization.

There are an estimated 2 million stray cats on Cyprus and we cannot help them all. The project is about getting the numbers down humanely to prevent many kittens from being born to endure a life of suffering and to reduce the numbers of sick and injured cats on the streets and in the hotels.

We have to be resolute in our aim and focus on it totally for the project to be successful.

Lynn Gandy

Famagusta Cat Care Project

August 12th 2015