Cats Available for Adoption


Elliot was rescued with his brother ET from a hotel car park, both had terrible eye infections and ET unfortunately ended up loosing an eye. ET found his forever home leaving his poor brother behind. Elliot is 10 months old and neutered. He is extremely playful and would love a home with another cat to play with. Hes a real character and loves a cuddle too.

Lisa- Rehomed to uk with Picnic

This beautiful cat was found at Cape Greco picnic site with a large wound on the side of her face, she was tricky to catch but has been in our care now for a few weeks and has become very affectionate and loving. Lisa is no more than 2 years old, has been neutered and treated for fleas and worms. Can be prepared for travel to Europe or UK



Tilly was found as a tiny kitten in the street. She had an eye infection but that has been treated and she is ok now.

She is a beautiful playful tortie kitten with a lovely temperament and needs a furever home. She is vaccinated and has been treated for fleas, tick and worms.

Can you give Tilly a home? Please share. Thank you.






Robbie was left outside our gate as a small kitten with a broken leg. According to my vet the break was a few weeks old and had begun to mend itself. A few weeks on and he is running and playing with hardly any sign of a limp, although when he sits down sometimes his leg is at an unusual angle. Other than that he is a perfectly normal healthy playful older kitten and gets on well with people and other cats.

Treated for fleas, ticks and worms and vaccinated.

Please can someone give him a home? Please share, thank you.

Cleopatra and her kittens


UPDATE: ginger kitten and tricolour kitten (pic above) have found homes in Germany. MUM AND 3 REMAINING KITTENS STILL LOOKING FOR HOMES

These are possibly the most gorgeous kittens i have ever met. There are 3 girls and 2 boys. They were dumped at a hotel complex in Ayia Napa. The kittens are all healthy and have been treated for worms and fleas. They are approximately 7 weeks old at present and eating wet food. All need homes, all healthy and playful. Their mother Cleopatra is very loving, possibly was someones pet at one time as loves human contact, she is also looking for a home.


Anges has been living at the back of an apartment complex in Ayia Napa for the last few years being fed by volunteers. She would so love to be in a proper home as loves human contact and is super friendly and affectionate. She is approximately 5 years old and has been neutered by us.



This sweet little girl was living on a colony up near Cavo Greco at risk of being poisoned. She just loves a cuddle. Estimated to be only about 18 months old, Picnic is neutered and has been treated for fleas, ticks and worms.

Skitty and Greco


Skitty (left) was brought to the vets by some local people when she was only a few weeks old, she had a diaphragmatic hernia, the people that brought her in could’nt afford the operation to save her and asked the vet to put her to sleep. The vet did the operation anyway as they wont put a cat down that can be saved. She stayed at the vets for the next couple of months. She is now a 6 month old healthy kitten and has just been neutered. At present she is in our boarding cattery but would love a home of her own.

Greco (right) is a very sweet boy who loves his friend Skitty, he was rescued from Cavo Greco church, a couple of others were found poisoned. He is 6 months old, neutered, flea’d and wormed. He would love a home of his own.




This adorable little girl will be available for adoption when shes old enough, currently only approx 4 weeks old. She was found by one of our supporters whilst here on holiday, laying under a bush in Protaras very weak and dehydrated. There was no sign of her mother so the lady took her to the vets and then she was brought to us to be cared for. Violet is currently being bottle fed but is beginning to eat kitten mouse on her own. If anyone would like to offer this little one a home please contact us. She can be prepared for travel to UK or Europe from the age of 12 weeks. We can arrange everything for you.






Furever home needed for Ella…

Ella fans will already know her story.

Ella was a hotel cat and originally one of the regular guests at a hotel contacted me to ask me if they paid for her neutering would I go and get her to take her to be neutered, which I did. Over the next couple of years I had several requests to take Ella to the vets, mainly for her gingivitis, which was paid for almost totally by the wonderful generosity of the above mentioned guests.

Ella became quite ill last summer and nearly didn’t make it. She is now stable provided she has regular medication. My vet said that she has to be in a home environment from now on as she will not survive unless this medication is continued.

One of the guests was very kindly going to adopt her but their circumstances changed and werent able to give her a home after all. Ella has been living with us ever since, but we have to find her a home this year. She spends all her time in our bedroom (which we would like back!) She is happy to spend her days just sitting in the window watching the world go by and doesn’t seem interested in going outside so would make an ideal house cat.

Provided she has her medication she is fine. She is quite an old lady who spent most of her life having kittens. She just needs a quiet, loving home to see out the rest of her days.

I am asking if you would please share her story in the hope that someone will adopt her. I need your help now 😉 I also have a large outstanding vet bill to pay for Ella from the summer when she was so ill. Any donations to help pay this off would be most appreciated.

Thank you




This beautiful little cat was found outside a supermarket in Ayia Napa, her right front leg is deformed meaning she is unable to use it. She has been neutered by us and has had her front leg amputated. She is super friendly and jumps up to have her head rubbed. Would love to find her a home with access to an enclosed garden. She will be prepared for travel and can travel anywhere in Europe or UK.  Limpi has been vet checked and treated for fleas, ticks and worms. Approx 1 year old.