This is Aphrodite

Aphrodite was spotted by a lady called Michelle who was on holiday in Cyprus and was staying at a hotel in Ayia Napa. Michelle decided after she had returned to UK that she would like to adopt Aphrodite and set about trying to find someone who could find the cat for her.

Tasia Maris Cats and Kittens 045

She contacted an animal rescue organization in Limassol who emailed me photos of the cat and the hotel where she was and I went to look for her but could not find her – only another cat with some kittens. Coincidentally, a good friend of mind worked as a night receptionist in the hotel and I asked him if he knew the cat and if he would call me when she appeared no matter what time of day or night.

Tasia Maris Cats and Kittens 020

The very next morning at 6 am I received a call from him to say that the cat was there and out of all the cars in the car park she was lying under his car. If that wasn’t meant to be – it was as though she somehow knew she was going to be rescued.

Tasia Maris Cats and Kittens 018

I went and got her straight away and started the passport process off and got her neutered. In the meantime Aphrodite stayed with me until it was time for her to fly back to England.

Tasia 25th Sept 2010 010

Michelle arranged the flight for her and I arranged everything necessary from Cyprus and she was soon winging her way back to her new life in a loving home.

It was before the quarantine laws were relaxed when I sent her back and she had to go into quarantine kennels for some weeks. I went to see her there while on a visit to UK and again later in her new home.

Tasia HOME at last

She is the most beautiful cat and is very much loved and is at last safe and happy.

Tasia and toy

Michelle went on to foster another 5 cats and 3 dogs from Cyprus which is amazing.

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