This is Simba

One day I had a call from some concerned tourists staying at a hotel in Ayia Napa. They had been feeding a small kitten at the hotel during their stay but the kitten was sick and they asked for my help as they wanted to help him get well.

Simba 1
I went to see the kitten who clearly had flu like symptoms and so I spoke with my vet who gave me some medication for them to give to him.

The couple went back home to UK the following weekend and had asked me if I would continue his unfinished medication. They also contacted me on their return to say that they would like to adopt the kitten and would I arrange for his passport and foster him until he was ready to fly back and this I agreed to do.

I searched the hotel every day but couldn’t find him! I was worried that he had become even more sick and had possibly even died because he had not had his medication.

I had to search for quite a few days before I eventually found him on the other side of the hotel grounds from where they had been staying and feeding him. I found him quite by chance as I was just about to give up once more when something told me to walk towards the beach. As I followed the path towards the sea he suddenly appeared out of the bushes in front of me!

He was still quite sick but after more medication and a few days at my home he was looking much better and started to play with my other cats.

Simba 2

A few weeks later after all the arrangements had been made and all his vaccinations and microchip had been done I took him to the airport for his flight to a wonderful new home in UK.

It was very difficult to say goodbye to him as by now I had become quite attached to the little man and he had become part of my family albeit for a short time. So after lots of hugs and kisses we said goodbye and I cried all the way home.

I knew I would miss him but I was so happy that he wouldn’t have to live a life of fear or uncertainty any longer and that he was going to a place of safety and love where he was to live with 2 other cats, both beautiful pedigree Siamese – talk about from rags to riches!!

Simba in his new home

This hotel ultimately became the first hotel to take part in the Famagusta Cat Care Project and I decided to name the feeding station in honour of Simba as he was the first cat I re homed from there and as a thank you to Jacqueline and Rod for adopting him.

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